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How To Choose An Engagement Ring, Part 3

Step 3: Choosing An Engagement Ring Design

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an engagement ring design. In this section, we will focus on four key elements to evaluate in an engagement ring design:
  • Durability - how well will the engagement ring withstand wear?
  • Security - will the design securely hold the gemstone(s)?
  • Practicality - can the design be worn every day?
  • Style - is the design pleasing to the eye?

Durability - How well will the engagement ring withstand wear?

Ideally, the engagement ring design you select should be able to withstand the wear and tear of every day life. As shown in the previous section, some metals are more durable than others. Gold, for instance, is not well suited to stand up to harsh work environments, including office settings. It is highly prone to scratches and even deformation as it is a very soft metal. This is not to say that gold cannot be used, but the design you choose should be a heavier style if you select gold. Titanium is a very durable choice as it is resistant to a number of factors. For even more durability, you may want to look into Black Ti(tm).

Security - will the engagement ring design securely hold the gemstone(s)?

It would be a shame to purchase a beautiful engagement ring only to have the diamond fall out and be lost a few months later. That is why it is so important to choose an engagement ring design that will securely hold your gemstones. In general: (1) a lower setting protects the gemstone much better than a higher setting, (2) a heavier setting is stronger than a lighter setting and will protect and hold much better, (3) more claws will hold your gemstone more securely, and (4) a bezel setting will hold the gemstone even more securely than a claw setting.

Practicality - can the engagement ring design be worn every day?

When buying an engagement ring that will be worn every day, it is important to consider your life style. If you are working in an office environment, it may be perfectly fine to wear a ring with a high setting. However, if you are working in an industrial environment or with animals, it would be much more practical (and safer) to wear a low set ring.

Style - is the engagement ring design pleasing to the eye?

This is the most subjective decision you must make when choosing an engagement ring. Everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes when choosing jewelry. One word of advice: think about how the design you choose will complement your basic style and personality. Staying with a more classic style may be better in the long run, as a trendy style may not be in fashion in a few years. For some engagement ring design ideas to get you started, click here.

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Example of a black titanium engagement ring
Example of a titanium engagement ring with gold inlay
Example of a titanium engagement ring
A titanium engagement ring signifies the lasting strength and beauty of your commitment to each other.
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