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All About Titanium
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About Black Titanium™
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Mens titanium wedding rings
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The Benefits of Titanium Jewelry

It has become fashionable for prominent jewelry designers to create rings, bracelets, and other jewelry using titanium. Titanium is an ideal metal for crafting jewelry due to its outstanding properties.

Strong and Lightweight

Titanium rings are incredibly strong and lightweight when compared to rings made of other metals, such as gold and platinum. In fact, because of its tremendous strength to weight ratio, titanium is used throughout the aerospace industry to construct critical aircraft and spacecraft parts. A typical jetliner can contain over 1 ton of titanium parts!

Corrosion Resistant

Titanium rings are extremely resistant to corrosive fluids, such as solvents and sweat produced by the human body. As a result, titanium lasts far longer than a similar gold or platinum ring that has been exposed to normal wear.


“Generally speaking, the lower the quality of titanium, the more impurities exist that could potentially trigger an allergic reaction in the wearer. This is important to keep in mind when selecting a titanium ring for a person sensitive to metals.”

Titanium rings are also guaranteed not to cause skin irritation as naturally colored titanium is hypoallergenic. The medical industry utilizes titanium in a vast number of bio-implants as it is not rejected by the body as other metals would be. Titanium is well suited for a variety of jewelry, including pierced jewelry where an adverse reaction is even more likely with other metals.

Scratch Resistant

Another positive quality of titanium is that it is highly scratch resistant compared to gold or platinum. While titanium can be scratched by exposure to hostile conditions (i.e. sanding, grinding), normal wear should not cause noticeable scratching. The grade of titanium and its finish also influences the amount of scratch resistance a piece of jewelry may have. In general, if a titanium ring was to become scratched, it could be refinished to restore its initial luster.

Think that $49 titanium band is the same quality as a $199 band? Think again.

There are countless grades of titanium. The majority are alloys and there are many variations even within the classifications of "pure". There are 2 distinct categories of pure titanium: (1) Commercially Pure and (2) Chemically Pure. The difference between these two grades is measured by the number of 9s. .99 to .999 is considered Commercially Pure (CP) and .999 through 100% is considered Chemically Pure (used in extreme medical applications). Within the CP category the most popular are grades 1 through 4. CP Grade 1 is the softest grade, while 4 is the hardest form. The primary difference between the grades is the quantity of oxygen - more oxygen increases hardness.

CP Grade 2 strikes an ideal balance between titanium's hardness and workability. It can be cut off, refinished, and engraved, yet it is highly resistant to marring and polishes well. On the other hand titanium alloys tend to be harder, are not pure, and cannot easily be cut or engraved. Furthermore, jewelers cannot refinish them.
- Industry Source

Safety and Emergency Removal

Titanium rings are created with safety in mind, as there is always the possibility that a ring will need to be removed in an emergency. Tests by various manufacturers have shown that titanium rings can be manually cut with a ring cutter within a matter of minutes, and much faster using an electric ring cutting device, such as those that many paramedics use.


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